Wednesday February 8th, 2023
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Halal Rap The Whole Family Can Get Down To

When you come across that one music video on YouTube that makes your whole life complete...

Staff Writer

What guy isn’t looking for a sister to pray Salah with? Rap duo Karter Zaher and Jae Deen will surely go down in history for their track Muslim Queen. Genius lyrics that will leave you bewildered, impressed and wondering what the world is coming to; “I ain’t talking Wara2 3enab when she roll with me.” Tell us that's not genius. Here is the most confusing part - as you listen to the track you find yourself involuntarily busting a move and singing along, two steps from getting yourself a Hummer, blasting out the song and harassing some Muslim sisters on the streets...yo! Where ma sister at?

Drake ain’t got nothin on this! The video itself is from another realm: we've got the mosque in the background, an empty parking lot and the Rap duo at times popping up in galabeyas - what more could you possibly need? The whole hood be busting out a move to this track and keeping it mad halal. One wonders whether this track will be making it to the clubs and how appropriate that will be. Then again maybe this is the revolutionary way to fight off bad publicity from ISIS. I mean the tune is fun and catchy, you've got the bling and the lyrics are simply epic. We can’t wait to see the neighborhood brothers busting out the tune on their way to Friday prayers... “brothers know the drill, second the Athan goes, prayin' side to side.” Yes, we are serious. Take a look for yourself.