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'Slightly Used' Gaza Shell for Sale Online

You could soon become the proud possessor of your very own Hamas missile. A Tel Aviv resident risked his life to collect the remains of an explosive fired from Gaza, and is selling it online.

You could soon be shelling out cash for your very own Hamas missile after an Israeli man put a 'slightly used' rocket for sale online. The bizarre stunt comes after Tel Aviv resident Yochay Benarie risked life and limb to collect the remains of the explosive device after it was shot down by the country's Iron Dome system last weekend.

The advert, on Israeli site Happy Sale, tells the tale of how the eagle-eyed Israeli managed to snap up the rocket.

"Right after the sirens went off a loud BOOM was heard, and several seconds later several pieces of debris fell from the sky. My dog was crazy scared, and my GF was screaming that I should not go outside."

However the man claims he has no regrets - as he looks set to cash in on the find - which is for sale at 500 NIS. "This was totally worth it. If you want a souvenir from these days of sirens in Tel Aviv, send me a message."

The sale has already stirred up more than 600 views with many shoppers curious about the quirky find.

One user posted: "How big is this debris and are you sure it's safe?

Meanwhile another simply added: "It says "slightly used", what's your definition for "slightly"?

H/T: BuzzFeed.