Sunday 5 of February, 2023
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Egyptian Paralympic Athletes Who Won 11 Medals Are To Get An Honouring Ceremony Back Home

Egypt's House of Representatives are organising a ceremony for the Paralympic Champions representing Egypt this year.

Staff Writer

Youm7 reports that the head of Sports and Youth Committee at Egypt's parliament, Mohamed Farag Amer, said with all the medals the courageous and incredibly talented athletes brought home from the Rio 2016 Paralympics, there will be a big ceremony to honour the champions. 

According to the same source, we have tallied up to 11 medals in this year's Paralympics; the winners include Eldib Mohamed, Randa Tag El-Dine, and Sherif Othman winning golds. While Rehab Ahmed, Fatma Omar, Amr Mosaad and Mostafa Mohamed taking home the silvers. Last but not least, Shaaban Ibrahim, Amal Mahmoud, and Amany Ali received bronzes. The sports they took over are Men's 97 kg and 107 kg, powerlifting, and athletics 

This year has been a triumphing one for Egyptian athletes regardless of their abilities, but those who managed to challenge stereotypes and stand against ableism deserve to be honoured upon their return.