Saturday June 10th, 2023
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A Passion for Fashion at JW Marriott

Italian Fashion Academy are bringing cocktail dresses and evening gowns to the forefront at JW Marriott's Tutankhamun ballroom this week...

Staff Writer
Back in the 60s was the time when fashion manifested itself in polka dots, diamond-studded gloves, and little black dresses. Women roamed the streets without a care in the world, with hourglass figures and nothing but an elegant scarf to tame their hair. Those short silky skirts and pearls have now been replaced with everyday sweatpants and an awkwardly done permanent bun, which somehow never quite manages to look like the ones posted on Instagram. We can only imagine how our bygone fashion icons would feel, having found that 90 per cent of dresses and gowns these days fall under the 'Special Occasions' wardrobe section, if that section exists in the first place. You could sit there and lament the changing times while your cat sleeps on your flabby chocolate-filled belly, or you could let relief wash over you as A Passion for Fashion lets that Vogue-ish alter ego inside you out of the closet for a night on December 15th at JW Marriott.
The relief probably won't stay for long once you set an eyes on the glamorously breathtaking pencil-thin models, who will have you doubting your last onion bagel down to the final bite, but you can still watch the elegant human mannequins strut down the runway of JW Marriott's ever-elegant Tutankhamun Ballroom wearing the latest and greatest Italian Fashion Academy's designs, featuring various cocktails and evening dresses. Later, you can head down for dinner, where JW Marriott's expert culinary craftsmen will freshen you up with new creative content for your latest episode of Feelings Eaten: Special Edition. It's perfectly okay, we'll meet you at the bar.
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