Friday April 19th, 2024
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All Hands on Deck for The Boat Show at Seasons Country Club

"Shiver me Timbers!" The Boat Show is coming up in April; we hear it includes pirates, mermaids, and cool boats.

Staff Writer

All Hands on Deck for The Boat Show at Seasons Country Club

Ahoy, mateys! We all fell in love with the idea o’ bein’ a pirate, thanks t’ Captain Jack Sparrow. Sailin’ the seven seas, searchin' for hidden treasure, and fightin’ t’ find ultimate power - saying things like “We’ll rip an’burn yer Joly Roger, ye salty, pox-faced kraken…Strike yer colours!” Alright we may have gone a little overboard (pun not intended). But such things aren't all figments of our imaginations, or of really good movies - there really are people who own boats and enjoy living a large portion of their life at sea, perhaps just without the accent. If you're one of those boat owners, we envy and salut you, and we'll be at The Seasons Country Club's Boat Show ogling at your prized possessions (just the boats).

On April 8th, the Seasons Country Club is hosting The Boat Show exhibition full of fun events and games for children and adults - and, obviously, boats. Children can have fun in the “Pirates and Mermaids” kid zone, while adults explore the amazing display of the latest and best boats and marine equipment. We're not sure which we'll be doing just yet. There will be lots to check out for all the water sports enthusiasts, such as kayaking, diving, wake boarding, and much more. We know what you're thinking now; you're already wondering if you get to eat. Afshenko e7na! Well, don’t worry; Seasons Country Club will provide a dedicated food and beverage area, with barbecue-style cuisine, to create a picnic-style environment.

To top it all off, you get a live performance from a surprise musical band. People, get your chequebooks ready, pull out the pirate inside of you, and head off to The Boat Show at Seasons country club on the 8th of April. Pirate accents optional.

For more information check their Facebook event page here.