Tuesday December 5th, 2023
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Dec 05,2023

Baseera Launches Star-Studded Campaign for Visual Impairment Month

Baseera Foundation teams up with the likes of Mona Zaki, Ahmed Fahmy and more to raise awareness for Visual Impairment Month.

John Bichara

February is Visual Impairment Awareness month. So Baseera Foundation - an Egyptian organisation that's dedicated to the full inclusion of people with visual impairments - is stepping up to the occasion with a new, star-studded campaign.

Most people get to gaze upon the likes of Mona Zaki, Ayad Nasser, Ala Rushdy and Aisha Alshabrawy and say something corny like, Wow these stars are so bright! And they take their right to say lame cliches for granted. But for people with cataracts or macular degeneration, that celebrity shine is dimmed - something which is depicted literally through Baseera's #knowhowisee (#شوف_بعيني) campaign, where celebrity photos are altered so that others can literally see through the eyes of people with visual impairments. A photo of Riham Abdel Ghafour is fully blurred in a recreation of cataracts, for example, while a snapshot of Ahmed Fahmy is only blurred at its centre, showing how those with macular degeneration rely on their peripheral vision. These photos all come with a description of the condition, and a clarification of common misconceptions behind them.

Baseera Foundation doesn't just do campaigns. The foundation is fully equipped with an armament of training and education programmes for adults and children with visual impairments, and community programmes focusing on research to health to advocacy. They do everything they can to support people with visual impairments, and help them find jobs, schooling and a sense of normalcy, even in communities that don't fully account for them. You can learn more about Baseera Foundation's outreach through baseerafoundation.org.