Friday April 12th, 2024
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Black Friday Sale at Geox

Want to buy quality shoes without spending a lot of cash? Geox has you covered.

Staff Writer

Black Friday Sale at Geox

Nothing makes an outfit as snazzy as a slick pair of shoes, right? Yeah, until you end up taking them off halfway through the night because they're so damn uncomfortable. Beauty is pain, right? But we really wish it wasn't. Thankfully Geox's claim to fame is the often unattainable combination of comfort and class, both in one shoe. Whether you want to dress up or down, Geox will satisfy all your feet's fantasies.

Geox is an Italian brand designed with technology to help your feet feel relaxed while still looking great. The idea of “the breathing shoes” operates in 68 countries around the world, and is meant to make your shoe-wearing experience comfortable. Their shoes are mainly leather, however, they do have sneakers and heels - they really do have it all. Plus, everyone knows how expensive good quality shoes are, but with Geox’s Black Friday Sale, there’s no need to break the bank. Head to one of their stores and we're sure you'll be swept off your feet - by their kick-ass shoes and their 30% off Black Friday Sale on the 27th of November. You'll thank us later.

Geox is available at:

Cairo Festival City
Mall of Arabia
Lebanon Street
Grand Mall
City Center Alexandria

You can check out their Facebook page here