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CairoScene Fights for Murdered Cats

We headed to El Gezira Club to join the massive campaign demanding the halt of the brutal murder of cats on their premises. Here's what went down...

CairoScene's 'Love Cats' took to the streets in solidarity with the protesters to fight for the rights of animals as part of the 'Stop the Cat Massacre' protest outside Zamalek's ElGezira club last night.

Our participation is part of CairoScene's 'Support the Cats' campaign which calls for a full apology and reassurances that this wanton killing never be repeated, along with a sizeable animal charity donation from the club.

There was a carnival atmosphere among the protesters, who numbered more than 100, all were disgusted at the massacre which has continued since 2007, despite several pleas from animal lovers.

We tried to enter the Gezira Club to demand an apology from the staff who had brutally murdered defenceless animals just days earlier. However the response from security thugs was heavy-handed as they ignored our desperate pleas and launched a tirade of abuse against us before physically forcing us out of the gates.

Brutish guards could be heard mocking the protest and its demands.

However, the protesters have vowed to fight another day and won't stop until our feline friends recieve justice.

Photography by Sherif El Kady.