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Ciel Beach Is Making An Appearance In Sahel This Summer

Sahel's top beach lounge, Ciel, is teaming up with some of Gouna's hottest spots for the ultimate Sahel summer. You'll never want to leave.

In case the weather hasn’t already tipped you off, it’s summertime. Fasting 16 hours a day while holding down a job is probably not how you envisioned your summers, but the good news is: summer is three months long and the opportunities for not getting a heatstroke abound!

One such opportunity is abandoning our careers by the end of Ramadan and heading to Sahel to set up camp at Ciel. The beach lounge is gearing up to make our season as it has done before, this time teaming up with fellow life enhancers Ray's Cocktails and Gouna’s finest eatery MazaGouna. “MazaGouna will be providing quality Lebanese cuisine from light breakfast to hearty dinner at any location within Ciel beach […] Ray's Cocktails will be providing Ciel Beach with a menu of over 200 top notch drinks and cocktails,” Ciel’s Omar Tantawy says.

If crystal clear beach waters, immaculate pools, Ray’s cocktails, and MazaGouna’s scrumptious Lebanese delicacies aren’t enough to make you pack your bags and take the first microbaz to Sahel, wait till you hear about nightlife entertainment. “The events and the entertainment roster will span regular weekend events between The Pool and Ray's Cocktails, in addition to three mega events each with a capacity of 1,000 people, two international DJs, and two local DJs,” says Tantawy.  “The Pool will host two parties per weekend, each hosting around 300 guests, and each party with two local DJs including acts like Omar El Sabh, A-Squared, Marc Wahba, Minus T, and Man-O among others. Ray's Cocktails will similarly host two parties per weekend, each hosting around 400 guests, each party with two live bands from Egypt’s local scene including Funk Off, The Cadillacs, and The Meteors Project, as well as urban-themed nights with artists and DJs like Ramie Djunkie and Dubzy & Co, AK, Disco Misr and more.”

It all sounds awfully exciting, but your metabolism is probably not what it was 10 years ago and can't handle all of this while maintaining a bikini bod. No worries, Ciel has devised a contingency plan for the jelly rolls that are sure to result from MazaGouna. “To guarantee our visitors’ body health so they can enjoy their summer to the max, we made sure to have sports activities every morning on the beach,” Tantawy says. “IDEA and Adams Dance studio will be giving classes at all levels to suit everyone from beginners to advanced for kids and adults.”

Together they will be providing around the clock life enhancement and creating a space where you can live out your ultimate summer fantasies and reflect on life’s biggest questions, like what is composting and why does Oprah want me to do it?

Reservations: 01003507744
Keep up with Ciel on Instagram @cielbeachlounge.