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Cinema Masr is Running for Three Nights at the Cairo Opera House

Running from August 24th to August 26th at the Cairo Opera House’s Fountain Theatre, ‘Cinema Masr’ recreates over 40 iconic scenes from Egyptian cinema.

We've seen classic Egyptian films, and we've seen classic Egyptian theatre, but have you seen scenes from classic Egyptian films... on stage? 'Cinema Masr' - a play by Khaled Galal which recreates over 40 iconic scenes from a variety of Egyptian movies - will be taking the stage at Cairo Opera House for three successive nights starting tonight, on August 24th.

The cast of the play includes 65 students from the Artistic Creativity Centre, where Galal is the head of the Actor’s Studio and manages the Cultural Production Affairs Sector.

The play has been held dozens of times since its premiere last summer, and is now back again after Egypt has resumed its cultural activities. The play will be held from Monday, August 24th to Wednesday, August 26th at 8 PM at the Cairo Opera House's Fountain Theatre.

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