Wednesday 30 of November, 2022
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Did An EgyptAir Stewardess Take a Photo With The Hijacker, Too?

“It seems like it wasn’t just the Brit who indulged in a photo session with the hijacker.” – Dalia Ezzat.

Staff Writer

A photo emerged yesterday on the Twittersphere, allegedly showing a flight attendant posing with EgyptAir hijacker Seif El Din Mustafa. The photo, posted by prominent Egyptian media strategist Dalia Ezzat on her Twitter account, shows a uniformed air hostess posing for a picture with the man who forced a flight to land in Cyprus after allegedly claiming to have a suicide belt on.

The photograph quickly sparked a Twitter storm, with some users questioning its validity. In the previous days, the photo of a 26-year-old British passenger posing for a picture with the hijacker had gone viral, sparking laughter as well as rage on social media. But, if the stewardess selfie was authentic, this could further damage the airline’s reputation, as airport security undergoes criticism after Mustafa managed to pass through airport security carrying a fake suicide belt.

According to The Independent, the stewardess was identified by reports as Naira Atef. “It seems like it wasn’t just the Brit who indulged in a photo session with the hijacker,” said Ezzat, an influential Twitter user followed by over 50,000 users. The media analyst also posted a video of the moment British passenger Ben Innes asks Mustafa to take a selfie with him.