Wednesday 30 of November, 2022
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Did Tamer Hosny Break a Guinness World Record Or Not?

Guiness World Records published a statement clarifying the truth.

Staff Writer

A lot of debate has surrounded the Egyptian singer Tamer Hosny lately. On December 8th, news spread that the pop star has just broken the record for being the “most influential person or artist” by holding the highest number of contributions to a bulletin board. Days later, reports came out refuting the achievement and denouncing the information. 

So what actually happened? 

In truth, the Egyptian pop star Tamer Hosny did break the Guinness World Record for most contributions to a bulletin board, as Guinness clarified on December 9th. However, there is no record in existence titled 'most influential person or artist', Guinness stated, since there is no objective way to measure that kind of thing. 

Hosny broke the record when he was chosen to perform at Abu Dhabi’s Marina Mall on December 6th for the UAE’s Year of Tolerance event, wherein he asked his audience to help him break the world record for most contributions to a bulletin board by leaving appreciation notes for the singer. The previous record held was 4,900 contributions in 2017 by EXSO Consultancy in Al Riyadh, but Hosny was able to gather a staggering 12,086 notes!
To meet the entry criteria, the musician had to be in a foreign country and had just six days to submit the notes. 

This isn’t the first time the singer has broken a Guinness record, either. Hosny broke his first Guinness World Record in 2016 for organising a massive blood donation campaign called 'Pulse of Life'. 

We’d like to congratulate the megastar on his latest win and we look forward to seeing him on the big screen for his upcoming film, El Feloos, premiering December 25th alongside Zeina and Khaled El Sawy.