Friday 9 of December, 2022
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Egypt’s Lady Bosses Join Forces in a Powerful Video For Women’s Entrepreneurship Day

The inspirational video features female power forces Farida Temraz, Amy Mowafi, and Mai Abdel Asim, who was appointed this year as the country's WED Ambassador.

Staff Writer

Egypt’s first Ambassador for Women Entrepreneurship Day, Mai Abdel Asim, was just appointed in an inspiring video featuring some of the country’s most fearless female founders, from MO4 Network’s own Amy Mowafy, to Publicist Inc’s May Abaza, to prominent designer Farida Temraz. Other figures include Mix & Match co-founder Shahira Fahmy, the young Amira Azzouz, founder of Fustany, and Foul Tank's CEO Hoda Hosny. 

At the heart of the initiative is Women’s Entrepreneurship Day (WED), the world’s largest entrepreneurial empowerment initiative, which this year set off to appoint country ambassadors in 144 countries across the world in an effort not only to boost female entrepreneurship but also offer 100,000 microloans for underprivileged women to start their own businesses.

As part of the initiative, Abdel Asim and her magazine, What Women Want, will be launching a series of campaigns to foster entrepreneurship amongst Egypt’s women. “Statistically, women, when empowered, give back to their community, hence foster growth, so it must be top priority,” Abdel Asim said at the Choose Women Wednesday event, a celebration of Egypt’s female power players set to take place every year. “Today we come together as a network to achieve success to help and support female entrepreneurs everywhere,” she added. 

As the #ChooseWOMEN social media campaign kicks off, Egyptian women from all walks of life will be inspired to donate “time,” “talent,” or “treasure” to push the female entrepreneurial movement forward. WED will also inaugurate an e-commerce directory, striving to support women-owned businesses and raise funds for 100,000 microloans set to support women starting businesses in impoverished areas.

To support the campaign, check out its Facebook page and Instagram feed, and use the hashtag #ChooseWOMEN.