Saturday September 23rd, 2023
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Egypt's Meteorological Head Expects More Snow this Winter

In our blazing hot summer, this is certainly welcome news...

Staff Writer

Recently, Egyptians have been adapting to their new lives living in an uncomfortable oven. Temperatures have been reaching epic proportions only made worse by humidity. Many believe that the intense heat is the result of the effects of climate change, and on Monday the head of the country’s Meteorological Authority forewarned that Egyptians will likely see extreme weather next winter that will include more snow.

Snow is sounding pretty good right about now and according to Ahmed Abdelaal, head of the Egyptian Meteorological Authority, we should expect to “see violent cold snaps, amounting to snowfall.” The meteorological Nostradamus predicted the high temperatures that have claimed the lives of over a hundred in recent weeks.

He expects the heat to start dying down on Tuesday, and blames the perceived intensity on the humidity. There is plenty of evidence supporting the theory that climate change is affecting the world. It definitely feels like it right now, and we’re sure that come this winter we will return to complaining that it is too cold. Here’s hoping for snow this afternoon.