Thursday March 30th, 2023
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Sailors Serves Up Seaside Splendor in Sahel

Something about the beach brings out the hungriest in us. Sailors Lounge & Grill at Marassi, luckily, knows how to satisfy those cravings.

Staff Writer

Perhaps this summer you were unable to charter your private jet and fly off to Santorini. But only because you wanted to conserve fuel and save the planet. Obviously. But fret not, you can experience the same vibes as the seaside retreat right here in Egypt at Sailors Lounge and Grill, a laid-back lounge set up right along Sahel’s signature electric blue shore. Ahoy matey! Hoist the masts! Abaft the beam! Port! Starboard! Jack Sparrow! Alright we’re done. We headed up there last weekend to get a taste of the fabulous life and the fabulous life we were given.

In reality, the place emits a chic country-club-meets-beach-bar nautical vibe, all white and blue décor and coloured glass vases placed in cut-out squares in the wall. Located at the Marassi clubhouse, it stretches out all the way onto the beach so you have the option of perching yourself atop a stool for a meal, lounging on the myriad beanbags scattered on the grass and lazily smoking a shisha, or being a total beach bunny and chilling on a chaise longue right on the sea. We made our way past bronzed forma guys and bikini-clad girls who gave us flat-belly-envy – which we rapidly forgot about when we saw the menu because who needs a flat stomach really? – and took up residence under a shady umbrella right on the shore of Marassi’s absurdly picturesque sea.

And thus the food journey began. There is something about the seaside air that makes us ravenous and all of a sudden it’s like, beach body who? Sailor’s serves up an array of international cuisines from Italian to Lebanese to Egyptian, and they bring you your meals right onto the beach which means essentially, you never have to move once you’ve found your perfect spot. We started things off with some luscious Lebanese bites; fattoush and tabboulah and a little perfectly spiced kebda. We then moved on to a sizzling mixed grill platter laden with meat, glorious meat! Some of us opted for a juicy fillet topped with mushroom sauce and accompanied with sauteed veggies. We munched our way through the meal with fervent gusto, accompanying our dishes with some of the spot’s signature sangria. Now there’s nothing we appreciate in life as much as a good sangria; fruity and fresh and with our favourite ingredient in the whole wide world, wine, this is really the ultimate beach drink.

Happy tummies all around, we sipped on their epic sangrias until the sun sank below the horizon. The place operates day and night so whether you want to enjoy a sun-soaked day by the beach with some tasty appetisers or indulge in an all-out dinner feast, Sailors has got you covered!

You can check out their Facebook page here or follow them on Instagram @sailorsegypt.