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“Gaze” by Indira Jewelry Tells the Modern Story of the Search for Heritage

It's also a collaboration with Cairo-based, contemporary-figurative artist Rama Disuky.


"A representation of an individual’s journey": The new collection Gaze by Indira Jewelry tells the story of the humane path to find oneself in the chaos of the everyday life. Searching for one's counterpart and hanging onto their heritage, foundation and roots, the story of man and woman can be told through these carefully-designed pieces.

As part of their collaboration with Cairo-based, contemporary-figurative artist Rama Disuky, the Gaze Collection merges the realms of the creative industry, re-imagined.

“At the end of the day we are observers. One of the major motifs of this collection is the re-imagination of the eye, an ancient Egyptian motif and tool which we use to gaze inwards at the core of who we are,” Indira Jewelry founder Marwa Saadawi wrote.

Best known for handcrafted sterling-silver earrings - complemented by abalone shells - Indira Jewelry is known for its quest to bridge Eastern and Western design in their multi-purpose, timeless pieces.

With the release of their collection, Indira Jewelry is marking their place in the scene with their premium customer service and high quality. To make the process easier for their clients, they offer multiple payment options, delivery services and premium quality packaging.

You can find Indira on Instagram and their website:, as well as in several shops around Egypt.

Photography: Ghufran Kattany (@ghufranbythegram)
Art Direction: Rama Disuky  (@ramadisuky)
Model: Linda Ehab