Friday December 1st, 2023
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Gelato Mio's Chocolate Festival Is Back!

With an italian chef in the house for Gelato Mio's chocolate festival, the calories are totally worth it. We can't begin to imagine the possibilities.

Staff Writer

One of Cairo’s top ice cream stores, Gelatio Mio, is giving out free gelato for the first 50 customers at their chocolate festival (sponsored by RUN! Except, our team is probably going to get there before you and devour everything - we love our chocolate around here. Happening on the 24th- 26th of March, Gelato Mio has several creative flavours coming our way, and we're beyond excited. Of course the iconic Zamalek gelateria, owned by a young Italian couple, never fails to surprise us with amazing gelato, strange flavours, and all sorts of festivals. Gelato Mio always hosts artistic festivals; seriously, we haven’t missed a single one! “Every month we have a different festivals - chocolate, cocktail, berries, and a lot more; we play around with different combinations. However, we can't have that every day because people like variety,” says Perry, owner of Gelato Mio.Created by their very own Italian chef, you can expect to find bizarre yet original flavours as part of this three-day festival of flavours - chili chocolate, cherry chocolate, Kinder, and even extra dark Lindt! We like to live life on the wild side, so we’ll probably try the chili chocolate. We know; we’re badass. The best part about this is that we don’t have to spend all our cash because it's only 12 LE for two flavours and 20 LE for three. Pretty fair, don’t you think? Anyway, we're excited - forget summer bodies, there's chocolate gelato to be had. That's priority.

Check out Gelato Mio's Facebook page here.