Wednesday February 28th, 2024
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SceneSounds Vol. 9: Ahmed Samy El-Adl

It's been two month since we started SceneSounds, and we couldn't be prouder of our baby - it grew up so fast. Now that SceneSounds is all grown up, we decide to extend the invitation to one of our favourite musicians in this country.

Staff Writer

Ahmed Samy El-Adl, AKA Samio, AKA Samsterz, was so kind as to accept our request to compile our weekly playlist, SceneSounds. The fantasmic, prolific film director/writer/musician has very nice taste in music. Very nice indeed. He listens to some really cool shit, he starts his playlist with Winter Pills and Mac Demarco, and continues with The Beach Boys, Metz, The Magnetic Fields, Ty Segall, and a few more amazing artists.

Samy was so happy when he learned he would get to share his favourite tunes with you all, that in his excitement he couldn't help but ask for one more track over the standard 10 - we happily obliged; after all, Samy was one of the CairoScene team until he went off to be a Film Director. Also, he promised us an extra large pizza in exchange for that extra track, and swore on his cats that when he became a rich and famous DJ he would send us head-phone shaped red velvet cakes every day. So to all you avid SceneSounds fans: tune in, kick back, and enjoy this very special volume of SceneSounds.