Wednesday June 7th, 2023
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Goodcals for Great Prices

Making it easier to eat healthy, Goodcals are offering good food for less.

Staff Writer

Eating healthy isn’t easy, especially as we rapidly head towards winter and comfort foods seem infinitely more appropriate than lighter options. Luckily, Goodcals are going to be helping us stay on the straight and narrow (and hopefully, skinny) path.

All through October, they’re going to be making it easier for us to get our daily intake of veggies, vitamins and protein, with the Chicken Caesar Salad going down from LE 37.99 to LE 27.99. They’ve also put their Smoked Chicken Sandwich on a diet to make it LE 26.99 instead of LE 33.99.

Every week, they’re also giving out two free meals at random on Instagram and Twitter - one from their Zamalek store and one from their New Cairo store - so get following for a chance to be one of their ‘goodpals’ and get your health fix for free!

Find out more about Goodcals on their Facebook page here and follow @goodcals on Instagram and Twitter.