Saturday 26 of November, 2022
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Grand Egyptian Museum Announces Ticket Prices

For Egyptians.

Staff Writer

Ticket prices for the Grand Egyptian Museum have been announced by the Egyptian Minister of Antiquities. An entry ticket will be LE 30, while a pass that would grant full access to the museum is said to cost LE 60. Discounts have been discussed for students, the elderly and other members of society, while the price of entry for foreigners is expected to be higher than the Egyptian rates.

The Grand Egyptian Museum is built to create the most significant archaeological museum in the world. And really, if anyone gets to flex their archaeological gains, it should be us. Over 50,000 artefacts from all eras of Egyptian antiquity have been moved to the Grand Egyptian Museum, including the iconic burial mask of Tutankhamun.

The Grand Egyptian Museum is scheduled to open in late 2020. A celebratory event is expected to accompany the opening, with the hopes that it will be attended by leaders and dignitaries from around the world.