Tuesday June 18th, 2024
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Is Sherihan Finally Making a Comeback to Egyptian Screens?

We need all that beauty and charm back in our lives...

Staff Writer

Is Sherihan Finally Making a Comeback to Egyptian Screens?

El Adl Group reported on their Facebook page that they are currently collaborating with the Egyptian star, Sherihan, and she will be back – after a 14 year hiatus – gracing Egyptian screens once more, and making a comeback with a grand artistic project.Born in 1964, Sherihan was a child star who started her career in 1970 with Fouad El Mohandes and Shewikar in the film Rob' Dastet Ashrar, and is known not only for her breathtaking beauty, but for her talents in the performance arenas; dancing, singing, and acting. However, her disappearance from the scene came about after being diagnosed with cancer in the early 2000s, which forced her to take a long break.

Her last work was the film Al Eshk W Al Damm in 2002 alongside Farouq El Fishawy, set in Upper Egypt tackling issues of sexuality, marriage, relationships and, of course, monument trafficking in the region.

She was frequently seen during the Egyptian revolution in 2011 protesting in Tahrir Square, and was welcomed by protestors.

Sherihan is awesome on too many levels that we've lost count, and we're not sure what her new work will be – maybe it will be fawazeer, a television series, or a film, and we're not sure sure when either – we just know we're excited, like many Egyptians are, and we can't wait to see her taking over again!