Saturday June 3rd, 2023
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JFC: Jihadi Fried Chicken

ISIS-backed publication Al-Mustaqbal extols the virtues of Jihad, and fried chicken...

Staff Writer

ISIS have been attracting followers from all over the world at a very worrying rate, leaving some commentators questioning why. What is it about the brutal Jihadist group that seems to attract impressionable young men and women from all over the world? Is it the sense of belonging? Is it the promise of an Islamic caliphate to call your own? Is it actually due to many complex and layered sociopolitical aspects?

Well, according to witnesses in the Indonesian island of Java, it's none of that, but rather, the promise of fried chicken. ISIS representatives have reportedly been circulating the latest edition of their self-published magazine, Al Mustaqbal, along with vouchers for fried chicken.

Apparently, amongst the pages and pages of Islamist propaganda and images of dead soldiers and beheaded corpses, ISIS have found room to include vouchers for the delicious golden flaky food that we all apparently take for granted. Who knew that fried chicken was such a powerful force for social mobilisation and Jihad? Here we were thinking that ISIS was so good at recruiting personnel due to their strong presence on social media, or their ability to prey on an underlying Islamist thought process present in some young Muslims, or even their idea of creating a nation for Muslims all over the world. Boy were we wrong…