Tuesday 6 of December, 2022
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Mahmoud Hemida Surprises Young Actors with Masterclass

The iconic Egyptian actor popped into ZAT Studio to give new actors some advice.

Staff Writer

Rarely do we hear about household names getting humble and passing the baton by working with the new generation in their field but that's exactly what Mahmoud Hemida did this week when he surprised young actors this week. Believing  that the future of Egyptian cinema lies with its youth, he made a welcomed but unscheduled visit to Studio Zat giving the young actors advice and conducting a Q & A session to give them a chance to pick his brain. “Amuse but don’t over perform...Never show off because you will simply fail if you’re in this to show off,” says Hemida to an awestruck crowd.

The actor, born in 1953, has pioneered Egyptian cinema with memorable performances in more than a dozen successful movies ranging from romance to comedy to action, proving that he is a master of his trade. “I would practise and practise...I used to go to the zoo, back when there were actually animals there of course, I would sit and observe the animals, breathe like them, stand like them... Until I became the animal I was observing," he told the class.