Saturday June 3rd, 2023
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Muricata Summer Camps

Exhausted from the image of children addicted to the new tech, Wild Guanabana's Muricata summer camps are ready to push kids and teens out of their comfort zones while giving parents a much-deserved break.

Staff Writer

Some of us are at that age where we have friends who have kids. Most of us are simply baffled by the addiction that kids have with technology. What happened to settling for a game of hide and seek? What happened to climbing trees and playing explorer? Instead, we find ourselves with a grumpy child who doesn't know what to do because their iPad battery is dead... However, the Muricata programme by Wild Guanabana plan to change all that, bringing the Scouts concept to Sahel

Now that summer is approaching we're not looking forward to seeing tech-oholic spoilt brats with stunted imagination. So with open arms we welcomed adventure travel group Wild Guanabana’s venture to get kids out and about with their Muricata camps. The programmes introduce children to their surrounding environment where it is not silly to pick up a wooden stick and use it as muse to a world of stories. The programmes groom kids from a young age to head out of their comfort zones, explore and respect the environment, entrenching in them a love of travel and exploration.

This summer, Wild Guanabana is offering a summer camp in Sahel, providing summer activities from the 1st to the 31st of August in Diplo 3. The group is also offering trips abroad with their Ottoman Exploration for ages 12-14 exploring Cappadocia in Turkey. The local trips expose Egypt’s endless beauty to these kids, providing them a hands on learning experience whether it’s heading out to Fayoum or Ein El Sukhna. It’s a way for parents to feel guiltless while getting a holiday from their young ones.