Monday 30 of January, 2023
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Music Streaming Platform Anghami Pledges USD 3 Million Worth of Audio Ads for Small Businesses

The music streaming giant has launched an initiative to support small businesses in overcoming the economic strain of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Staff Writer

As part of Anghami’s ‘Community Support Plan’ to help artists and subscribers cope with the financial struggles of COVID-19, Anghami has pledged USD 3 million worth of free audio ads for small businesses in the MENA region. So far, the Beirut-based music streaming giant has already run USD 850,000 worth of free audio ads supporting 90 businesses and are currently working towards supporting more, according to Anghami Co-Founder and CTO Elie Habib on the platform’s official blog ‘Anghami Talks.’

The platform has started granting over 400 regional independent artists USD 1.5 million worth of “amplify” credits which allows artists (who are compensated every time their music is played) to promote their content and music releases on Anghami. Additionally, the platform are also launching a “Support My Music” button which informs listeners of how they can support regional artists. Furthermore, Anghami is working on allowing small businesses to launch their online storefront with free advertising on its platform by launching a special USD 6/Month family subscription plan that's valid for 12 months. 

To apply as a small business for the free audio advertising initiative, head to for the application form and for general inquiries on how you can contribute towards Anghami’s recent efforts, email🖊 Farah Geninah