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Nespresso: One Coffee to Rule Them All

From November 11 to 14, Nespresso will be exhibiting at the HACE Exhibition - the premier exhibition for hotel supplies and catering equipment - aiming to get a premium cup of coffee in every hand, and handing out some truly amazing prizes!

A cup of coffee is not merely a way of obtaining one’s daily dose of caffeine, it is a warm, comforting, subtly infused beverage enjoyed in a variety of locales, thanks to the magic of Nespresso. Offering us the finest quality coffee from around the world, Nespresso is the drink of choice, whether it be prepared in the comfort of our own homes or, more ideally, by the hands of professionals. Beautifully blended, roasted and ground coffee in perfectly sealed aluminium gems that fit right into an elegantly crafted machine is every coffee supplier's dream, and Nespresso is about to make this dream a reality at the HACE Exhibition 2014. 

The International Hotel Supplies Exhibition is being held from November 11 to 14 at the Cairo International Conference Centre, and is a leading forum for hotel supplies and catering equipment. Qualifying as a B2B (business to business) event, the exhibition's main audience is the Horeca sector, the sector of the food industry that consists of establishments which prepare and serve food and beverages. Consequently, this year Nespresso will be filling coffee lovers' cups with their perfect brews through their participation in the exhibition with a booth like no other. 

Showcasing a variety of machines (Aguila, Zenius, Gemini and Inissia), representatives of food and beverage establishments attending the event should brace themselves not only for the opportunity to supply their customers with this quality coffee, but for special offers that will have them blown away. Why buy less than 6,500 professional capsules, when with this bulk purchase you receive the Gemini CS220 for free? And that's just one of their many promotions!

Along with the showcasing of Nespresso's professional machines, there will be an array of activities that will give retailers a taste of Nespresso, quite literally! Taking booth visitors on a journey of sight, smell and taste with free coffee tasting, demonstrations of recipes and training, who could resist the Nespresso booth at the HACE Exhibition? In addition, business manager, Ali Mansi, will be at the event himself, ready to answer any queries or conduct any interviews. 

And while the Nespresso counter sounds extremely inviting, the company is taking their dedication to the distribution of coffee one step further.  How? With the chance to win a machine that fits perfectly into any interior design, and can even be used in the comfort of your hotel room. By conducting a daily draw for booth visitors, Nespresso is offering you the chance to win a free Inissia Machine, and all you have to do is fill in your contact details, simple!

Coffee lovers, it’s time to get excited!

For more information on the HACE exhibit and the exhibitor list of 2014 visit their website.