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Oktoberfest is Taking Over Cairo Jazz Club

You've still got those funny hats and lederhosen from last year, right?

Guten tag meine freunde! Oktober is here and along with it the worldwide celebration of all things beer, cheese, and schnitzel related. Like every other festivity that involves drinking and dancing, you only have one serious destination in Cairo to get your lederhosen on: Cairo Jazz Club. 

Offering up three days of food, drinks, and of course music to the Germanic pagan gods of getting down, CJC is the place to be for all things Oktober – starting things off on the 5th with Disco 7amra, Disco Misr, and Shady Ezz, followed by Amro & The Big Bang Boogie on the 6th and Ghandokli on the 7th. All the while, the fine folks at CJC will be running specials on Heineken and its spiritual Egyptian counterpart, Stella. In accordance with ancient tradition, you'll also be able to infuse your beer with a shot of cherry, blackberry, or strawberry flavour, left over from the days when tribesmen had to flavour their homemade – kind of gross – beers with berries.

The music and the drinking are only half of the fun of the typical Oktoberfest celebration. Now, we don't know if you've heard, but CJC serves bangin' food too, and they're pulling out all the gourmet stops to bring you authentic Oktoberfest-style veal sausages with potato salad and onion gravy. Just imagine that, dancing to some of the best music in town while holding a veal sausage; you'll get one million likes on Instagram for that, guaranteed.

Check out all of CJC's happenings on Facebook and Instagram.