Friday December 1st, 2023
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Russell Brand Owns FOX Over Gaza Crisis

The British Comedian and satirist slams FOX News' Sean Hannity over biased coverage of the Israel-Gaza conflict.

Staff Writer

By now, the population of even slightly aware citizens in this world are pretty aware to the various agendas American news networks uphold when it comes to the Israeli-Gaza conflict, not least FOX News. British comedian, actor and conscientious revolutionist Russel Brand's recently started an online YouTube show analysing and satirising the news called Trews. In recent episodes he has quite brilliantly called out FOX on a specifically astonishing segment whereby presenter Sean Hannity berates a pro-Palestine guest with a massive amount of biased aggression. This led to a back and forth between the two, and Hannity used his air-time to label Brand an ignorant idiot who's only famous for a failed marriage. Brand then responds with another hilarious yet eloquent analysis of the FOX presenter's near-sighted comeback. Check out the conflict in full below..