Monday 5 of December, 2022
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Social Media Day

Sponsoring Mashable's Social Media Day this year, we can't wait to mingle and tweet with the best of them over at the GrEEK Campus this Saturday!

Staff Writer

What can we say about social media that hasn’t already been said? A lot, apparently. So much so that one of the world’s leading digital content platforms is coming to Cairo for Social Media Day. As a nation that’s now become synonymous with turning to the online world for anything from organising protests to posting seflies, we can’t get enough of that social media stuff. As part of MO4Network, we’ve worked with hundreds of brands online, turning traditional sales and marketing into shares, likes and, at the end of the day, results for our clients. So we jumped at the chance of getting involved with an event that believes that online future is bright. Organised by Egypt’s Oventure and taking over the GrEEK Campus this Saturday 21st June, Social Media Day will see some of country’s social media celebrities, as well as professionals in the burgeoning industry, get together for a celebration and an education in all things online.  

Some of social media’s biggest personalities will be on hand to take you through their tweeting, posting and liking their way to the top of the pyramid and trust us, you won’t want to miss their talks. For the first time since being accused of terrorism, Abla Fahita (yes, that hilarious puppet) will be there to give advice about making the best of a bad situation. She’ll be joined by Egyptian YouTube sensation AlMowaten AlMasry aka Alaa AlShaikh who will be giving some valuable insight on creating viral videos. Rumour has it, his cute cat will be attending too. If YouTube is a bit too old school for you, what with digital media trends changing at such a fast past, you won’t want to miss Egypt’s top Vine celebrity Shady Srour as he talks about devoting his life to six-second hilarity.

Alongside social media celebrities, you’ll also get a chance to learn from the pros – the leaders in the industry that have taken what many first thought a waste of time and turned it into viable businesses, employing hundreds and raising the bar in the world of media and advertising. With the likes of Nehal Hesham, founder of the region’s first digital research agency; YouTube’s Haisam Yehia, Fady Ramzy of Interact Egypt, Tarek Nasr, Co-Founder and CEO of The Planet; Bassem El Hady of Kijama and our very own Amy Mowafi, founding partner of the MO4Network, speaking, you’ll get an insider’s look at the industry from the people who built it.

Aside from all the knowledge, you’ll also be treated to live music, food and drinks stalls and a chance to meet like-minded professionals and graduates, the all-day event is shaping up to be a memorable one. Tickets are just 50LE and come complete with a certificate of attendance issued by Mashable – now that’s one for the CV. Check out the Facebook event here to find out more and where you can get your ticket.