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South Korean Embassy Refutes Claims of Importing Dogs From Egypt for Consumption

The Embassy of South Korea in Cairo releases a statement, urging media to stop spreading fake news about the country.


Following claims made by the Egyptian media concerning the import of stray dogs to South Korea for meat consumption, the South Korean Embassy in Cairo has recently refuted the suggestion which was initially made by member of Egyptian parliament's Human Rights Committee as a solution to tackle Egypt’s stray animal problem. Later in November, 2018, more claims were made that a high-level source within Egypt's Ministry of Agriculture stated that 4,100 dogs and cats would be exported and would be given vaccinations and medical tests to prepare for the export. 

In the statement released by South Korea's embassy, it was emphasised that no dogs have ever been imported to South Korea from Egypt and that there has been a recent decrease in the practice of consuming dog meat, following the work of animal rights activists and groups. 

The statement further clarified that while the custom exists, eating dog meat is not very common and the embassy requests that news outlets refrain from spreading inaccurate information.

The statement made by South Korea's embassy in Cairo, came after member of the Egyptian parliament's human rights committee suggested that stray dogs should be exported to countries where the consumption of dog meat is legal, citing South Korea as one of those said countries.

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