Friday December 1st, 2023
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Supafly: Ghetto Superstar Mya is Hitting Up Cairo

The RnB sensation will be headlining the upcoming edition of Supafly this April 23rd.

Staff Writer

Ever dreamed of being a Ghetto Superstar in the not so ghetto streets of Egypt? Well, your dreams are coming true because Mya, the chanteuse that brought you hits such as Case of the Ex, Lady Marmalade and, of course Ghetto Superstar is coming to Cairo. The people that brought us Coolio last month are back to bring us another superstar, and another night of beats, dance and 90s nostalgia this April 23rd.

The Temple is hosting another round of Supafly and their special guest is more than fly. Reviving her biggest hits RnB hits, Supafly won’t just take us back in time, it will also have us party like there’s no tomorrow. Supported by local ghetto superstars Amr Hosny, Moneim and Music Rocka, Mya will prove that she’s still got it.

And that is not all: this event is actually calling for all Supafly hip hoppers and dancers out there to support the RnB queen and battle it out on the dance floor to become the supaflyiest of them all and win amazing prizes.

But even the normally fly are invited for this huge bash. Since this is an exclusive event, booking in advance is essential. More information on all the different packages is available on the Facebook page (invite only). So get booking before it’s too late, and make your 1999 dream come true of meeting the one and only Mya.