Friday 3 of February, 2023
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Take a Quick trip to the Theban Necropolis Without Breaking Quarantine

The Ministry of Tourism & Antiquities has launched a stellar series of virtual tours through Egypt’s most spectacular arecheological sites…

Staff Writer

Few experiences are as extraordinary as setting foot in the temples and tombs of Ancient Egypt, but in the circumstances, we’ve got the next best thing. With the World Tourism Authority reminding us to hold tight till we #TravelTomorrow, and the country’s magical monuments on lockdown, the Ministry of Tourism & Antiquities has announced the launch of a series of virtual tours through some of Egypt’s most spectacular archaeological sites. The initiative - created in collaboration with a whole host of leading scientific and archeological institutes - will be available on the Ministry’s official website and social media platforms under the slogan ‘Experience Egypt from Home.’

The first tour - released just a few hours go in cooperation with American Research Centre in Cairo (ARCE) - explores the magnificent Menna Tomb in the Theban Necropolis. Considered one of the most beautiful tombs on Luxor’s West Bank, it dates back to the 18th Dynasty. So unleash your inner Indiana Jones and go do some digital digging at