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Egypt Is Changing its Thanawiyya Amma Exam by Removing All Optional Questions

In an attempt to eradicate mass cheating and reform education, a new structure for Thanawiyya Amma exams, in which multiple-choice questions will comprise the bigger portion of tests and all questions are mandatory, will be implemented starting this year.

According to a statement by Egypt's Education Minister Al-Hilaly Al-Sherbiny, a new structure has been approved for secondary-level exams, to be implemented starting this year, reports Al-Masry Al-Youm.

The main hallmark of what came to be known as the new "booklet" system is that students will now be required to answer on the question sheet, as opposed to the older system under which answers were submitted on a separate sheet.

Another regulation of the new test structure would be its inclusion of mandatory questions only, unlike the earlier system, where every section included several optional questions. Moreover, essay questions will supposedly make up a smaller portion of exams from now on, with the bigger part comprising multiple-choice questions.

This comes as part of what the minister declared on Monday to be a "comprehensive educational reform plan."