Friday December 1st, 2023
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The Tap: British Gastropub Set To Open in Maadi

Between pretentious overpriced douchebaggery and cheap baladi bars, the drinking scene in Egypt has always existed between two major extremes - until now... we are once again saved by some good old British colonia... we mean beer.

Staff Writer

You walk into the average bar in Cairo, and of course, there's your average Stella or Sakkara. You'll have a few laughs with friends through the cheesy thump of generic Pop remixes, and then you may get a bit peckish. You open the menu and find a slew of confuzzled international options, from cold wara2 3enab to pineapple pizza, most of which aren't available anyways because the kitchen hasn't been used in a year. 

Now, put aside your termes and your Stella - new gastropub The Tap in Maadi are planning on a pub revolution in Egypt. We got a little sneak peak at the place: imagine a place with the charm of James Bond, the feistiness of The Clash and the kind of British nostalgia only a tea cosy might give you.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, God save the Queen, but more importantly, this little haven is soon to open in Maadi, and will be serving up draft beer from the tap, and gourmet pub cuisines, from steaks and chips to pies all in a veritably British atmosphere. (It's also opening in the place of The Boss, and as such, it's bound to finally break the curse of pretentious douchebaggery that had befallen the location up to this point.)

Check out their fanpage to stay tuned for the opening date.