Wednesday 30 of November, 2022
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Theatre of Dreams' Cairo Season Comes to an End

This season of the popular party series is gearing up for a massive final shebang featuring none other than the infamous Nick Warren on decks!

Staff Writer

Say what you will about Egypt’s nightlife scene, one thing you can always count on is the country’s party gurus for its grandiosity, especially big players like Mahmoud Zidane. Another thing you can take to the bank is the crowd’s insatiable appetite for some good hard partying. As Theatre of Dreams' Cairo season comes to an end, the tradition remains alive and well!For the final blowout, Theatre of Dreams is bringing English House DJ, producer and one half of Way Out West, Nick Warren, to the decks of Riverside in Zamalek after a thorough hard-hitting Techno spinning set by DJ Baher. Expect some involuntary ass shaking, fist pumping, foot tapping, and a whole lot of structural damage to the Nile-front nightery! After all, we Egyptians didn’t get our reputation as party animals for nothing, and we're talking about one hell of a party, so what’s a few broken glasses? Or a cracked window or two?

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