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Vavamuffin: Polish Reggae Music Band Makes Its Way to Cairo Jazz Club

Invited over to Cairo Jazz Club by the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Cairo, Vavamuffin is set to deliver its take on reggae next Thursday at the infamous watering hole.

Reggae music has always been about rebellion, but instead of going up in arms, reggae musicians break out in song. The genre was capable of stirring up revolutions in thought and culture, spanning over half a century without showing any signs of slowing down. Reggae, it seems, is now stronger than ever, with the genre finding ground in countries all over the world. Long gone is the stereotype of reggae musicians being dark skinned, pot smoking Rastafarians. Reggae artists now come from many different backgrounds; a lot are light skinned and don't necessarily worship Jah - or smoke pot. Polish band Vavamuffin has been excelling at the genre for quite some time now, playing over 600 shows all over the Europe and beyond, all the way to Ethiopia. The group consists of three vocalists who form the face of the band, backed up by a rhythm section, guitar, synth, and samplers, all operated by some of Poland's best musicians. Their visit to Egypt on invite by the Embassy of The Republic of Poland in Cairo is an event of epic proportions for all local reggae lovers, as they are one of the best European bands excelling at the genre - you'd be surprised by how many exist.Reggae culture is engraved in their songs, their lyrics, accents, music, and general personas, perfectly combined to deliver a unique take on the genre. It was in 2003 that they formed and, since then, they've recorded five studio albums under the label Karrot Kommando, receiving widespread admiration from reggae fans all over the world. Their songs cover different thoughts and deliver different moods; in a club setting, they would certainly make you dance. They discuss topics like legalising marijuana, peace, and reggae culture, and they sing in English and Polish. 

Cairo Jazz Club continues to diversify its live booking schedule, supplying us with a never-ending flow of different music acts from around the world. Catch Vavamuffin at the popular watering hole next Thursday the 10th, alongside Nour Project - both not to be missed.

Find CJC's event page here and follow Vavamuffin on Facebook here.