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Viral Egyptian Facebook Rant: The Solution to Unemployment in Egypt is Women Staying Home

Egyptian Facebook user Khaled El Barbari went on a viral rant about one of the nation's most crippling problems – unemployment – citing women in the workforce as the main obstacle.

It's hard to digest such a backwards view that devalues women when it comes to being part of the workforce, especially since we are avid supporters of women not only working but defying gender roles when it comes to particular fields. However, there are still men out there who believe women shouldn't work – and, we have to give it to him, his reason is one we haven't heard...ever. Here's the original Facebook post and its translation:

So that you can solve the unemployment issue, graduates not able to find work, and young men who reach the age of 35 without getting married, the 'working woman' shouldn't exist.

Whether she works in the private or public sector, these jobs should be men's who actually have a responsibility and are required to have income to start a home. The percentage of women in the work force is 30 percent. It's wasteful. It's wasteful that a girl works, and takes what's rightfully a man's, while a lot of the time, she works out of leisure and boredom, just so she can buy makeup and clothes – while a man doesn't have money to furnish his apartment.

They'll ask, "then what's education good for?" An educated woman can invest her knowledge in her children, and that's the best way to use your education – and helping her husband with ideas. Nothing more than that.

I would love to live to see the day where no job or profession or field is not fully taken by men, first – then, if there are any vacancies, those should be distributed among women.

Well, we have nothing to say – he got it down to statistics. The only thing that makes us feel better is the fact that most people didn't take it seriously, and a lot of people told him off about his views. This type of thinking, though, is quite dangerous.