Sunday May 26th, 2024
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Vybe Funk Things Up at CJC

With an opening set by Shady Ahmed and what's bound to be a dance floor packing performance by Vybe, Cairo Jazz Club is the gateway to a perfect weekend.

Staff Writer

Vybe Funk Things Up at CJC

Don't make plans for the weekend, because Cairo Jazz Club will be hosting the iconic local band Vybe on the 17th of September, after their homecoming gig back in May when they rocked everyone's favourite club and entertained a huge crowd, just like they've been doing for the past 10 years.

Vybe was formed a decade ago when six of the city's sickest musicians muddled their musical minds and incredible talents together, creating Cairo's most popular Funk cover band. They add their own unique twists to the music they play, nailing every stage they perform on and impress crowds with their groovy beats. CJC is finally ready to give us yet another weekend of the cool cats' never-ending melodies, from Mostafa Fathi's insane upside down guitar, to the sax solos of Mohamed Labib and keyboard pro Robert Rashad. The chilly grooves of Mokhtar El Sayeh, Mohamed El-Ǯrkan and lead singer Shady Hamza making the sound complete.

Being the ones who pioneered the 'cover-band' title, no one can top these six professionals at taking popular famous tunes and totally making it their own with their new twists and additions.  They play a range of genres, jamming from Funk,Soul, R'N'B, to sometimes even Pop; covering for all tastes and artists we love. 

To top it all off, Shady Ahmed will be warming things up with his infectious acoustic set, where everything in the surroundings fades and the music takes over. With a combination of the band's beats and Shady's intriguing sound, the weekend will definitely kick-off to a great start.

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