Wednesday 30 of November, 2022
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What Really Happened at Alexandria's World Record Attempt?

When a group of go-getting Alexandrians announced their attempt to break the world record for the longest dining table last week, we were disappointed to hear that they faced some troubles. However, having successfully broken the record, the organisers tell us what really went down..

Staff Writer

Last week saw Alexandria break the Guinness World Record for longest dining table ever, as a group of eager youth prepared a mammoth Iftar down the coast. However, these organisers experienced mixed feelings of extreme happiness, fatigue and disappointment when they heard the news of their success. The event, which took place to show the beauty of Alexandria and that the city is safe and ready to welcome tourists from all over, faced a few scuffles which media outlets were quick to highlight.

Problems arose during Iftar when the governorate of Alexandria arrived and decided the event should welcome those that didn’t register online; food was snatched from trucks before they were able to reach the tables causing anger and tension between attendees. Though this did not occur for all of the tables that made up the four kilometre-long stretch, media outlets felt it was more newsworthy to highlight the scuffles much to the dismay of organisers. “There will always be those who find and focus on the negative aspects of an otherwise huge success. We are so proud of what we accomplished, we just feel it is a shame that local media chose to focus on the few issues that were inevitable and dismiss the bigger picture and the beauty of our cause. We worked relentlessly because we aimed to show the beauty of Alexandria and you know what? We succeeded and are so proud; if we could go back I would do it again!” tells us a beaming Omar Ashraf, one of the main organisers.

Check the Guinness' site for confirmation!