Tuesday 29 of November, 2022
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Win an iPhone 5s as #JumiaTurns2!

Celebrating their second anniversary with a lavish soiree next week, Jumia has changed the way we shop. We're teaming up with them to give one lucky Instagrammer a shiny new iPhone 5s. Find out how to win...

Staff Writer

No one can deny the thrill of shopping. Whether you’re a fashionista, a gadget geek or a budding chef, nothing quite feels as good as getting your hands on something shiny and new. But hey, guess what? We live in Egypt and shopping is usually more of a nightmare than an indulgence, whether traffic is driving you nuts, you lose your car in a much-too-large parking lot or you just can’t find the brands and products you want. In comes eCommerce and the fully-stocked Jumia.com.eg, ready to celebrate their two year anniversary of changing the way we shop. With a few swift clicks, everything we want has become at our disposal thanks to the online shopping giant so that means no more drama – and no more knock-offs! Nonetheless, there are some serious gems out there when it comes to ummm… creative shops in Egypt. From On the Ba7r to Whatsapp shoe shop, we’ve all seen some hilarious choices of name by Egypt’s retailers.

To mark just how far we’ve come with the help of eRetailers like Jumia.com.eg, we’re teaming up with them and Mobinil to give one lucky shopper an iPhone 5s. All you have to do is Instagram a photo like the ones above, of the funniest, strangest or just downright wrong store names you’ve seen in Egypt. Tag @CairoScene, @JumiaEgypt and @mobinil with the hashtag #JumiaTurns2 to enter the competition and our favourite photo will win! You’ve got until Tuesday 21st October – the night of Jumia’s birthday bash – to enter. Get snapping and stop shopping in these quirky stores!