Friday September 29th, 2023
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inSeason: Health Boosts Needed In Egyptian Diets

Head over to inSeason in Zamalek today, where they will be giving out free samples of their latest deliciously healthy creation, entitled "System Reboot", for some much-needed healthy body cleansing...

Staff Writer

In the average Egyptian diet one seldom finds the presence of some good old vitamins. Often packed with grease, sugar or carbohydrates, Egyptian dishes are lacking a serious amount of health. Many Egyptians have still never heard of the new health craze that is kale or quinoa. However, vegetables, fruits and salads are vital to our well-being and should therefore find their way into our eating habits more often. inSeason in Zamalek have made this endeavour their policy, and they produce and sell all the goodness of nature to compliment your Egyptian diet with some much-needed nutrients.

Today, inSeason are adding another fantastic juice to their health selection, and are initiating the "System Reboot" with free samples at their Zamalek store. All day today you can come to 3 Ismael Mohamed Street and give the new juice a try to give your health a power boost.

The new juice is a tasty blend of Aloe, Pineapple, Bok Choy, Apple, Chard, Kale, Ginger and Lemon, which will revitalise your system and cleanse you from the inside out. On top of being loaded with vitamins and vital nutrients, the "System Reboot" tastes as good as it is for your body. inSeason refers to it as an elixir of life, which is the kind of supplement every Egyptian diet should feature. Just like all inSeason juices, the "System Reboot" is made from the freshest produce, extracted with two tons of pressure to preserve the natural goodness of the fruits. A fresher and more natural juice cannot be found anywhere else. On top of that, all inSeason greens are sourced from local hydro-farms that refrain from using pesticides, ensuring that the produce is the freshest it can be.

Additionally, inSeason's range also includes homemade yogurts, a lavish salad bar and many more delicious and healthy juices. Here you will find everything you need for a healthy and balanced diet. A visit to inSeason should therefore be on the agenda for all those health-conscious enthusiasts who are needing a little health boost in their dull Egyptian diet.