Saturday December 2nd, 2023
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10 Most Creative Mouthwatering Ramadan Desserts of 2016

Every year someone comes up with a new crazy creation for Ramadan desserts, and every year we vow to try every single one. We're drooling over this year's creative culinary creations. We can't even.

Staff Writer

Did you know that the calories you eat in the holy month of Ramadan don’t count? True story. Every year we're blown away at how many ways people can make konafa - gone are the days of konafa bel 2eshta, you guys, it's a new dawn (err, dusk)! It's a new day! It's time for Nutella and red velvet  and peanut butter and some good old mangoes; it's time to go all out and get as crazy as it gets with Ramadan desserts. Y'all ready for this? Brace yourselves for a month full rich creamy goodness and take a giant, guilt-free bite out of this roundup of the best, craziest, yummiest (we've tried) Ramadan desserts around Cairo.

Delight Sweet House's Pumpkin Konafa and Vanilla Konafa

What looks like a traditional konafa boasts a sweet surprise; soaked in sweet syrup and a layer of cool pumpkin in the centre covered with flamed whipped cream – yes, this delight is definitely one of our favs! Another treat they have is their vanilla konafa; with a hefty splash of sweet syrup mixed with vanilla, this crunchy dessert keeps the richness you crave with a perfectly crisp texture.

Four Fat Ladies' Apricot Basbousa, PB Nutella Konafa, Mango and Cream Basbousa

The name says it all, folks, but the calories are totally worth it! Let's break it down: dark sweet apricot toppings shine in this simple basbousa wrapped up in a sweet homemade crust. The Peanut Butter Nutella Konafa is crunchy and not particularly the lightest dessert, but it's so worth every bite. The mango and cream basboosa, although the less creative of the three, was actually our favourite - sinfully delightful. 

Nola Cupcakes' Sweet Cups and Konafa Manga

Once the weather heats up in Ramadan, you probably crave a cold konafa with a mixture of whipped cream that’s sweetened by in-season mangoes. However, for an individual treat try the creamy banana layered konafa – a cute yet fancy treat with an unexpected twist.

Tortina's Rawani

Move over, mango konafa, there's a new dessert in town! Tortina's newest Rawani addition for Ramadan filled with mango cubes and fresh cream is hitting stores, and it's ah-mazing. If you're really sticking to the konafa, though, their new Konafa Alaska Bomb is just what you need to beat the hot weather and sweeten things up after a heavy Iftar. What on earth is an Alaska Bomb? It's crispy konafa layers filled with raspberry yoghurt ice cream and topped with Italian meringue. Not enough chocolate in that description for ya? We've got one answer: konafa Mars tart.

Nino's Bakery's Banana Biscotti

We know Ramadan is all about sharing your blessings and joining your family and friends for iftar, but sometimes it gets slightly overwhelming and sharing your konafa is not always fun. A light low-calorie personal banana biscotti is probably what you want after mom’s giant sofra; you don’t want that kersh popping out, now do you? Plus, you don't have to share!

Devour's Red Velvet I

You can never go wrong with red velvet. You just can't. But then try adding konafa to the mix. Just beneath this crispy golden exterior is a hearty soft interior with a special red velvet surprise that creates the perfect blend that’ll satisfy your taste buds.

Crumbs Cupcakes & More's Berry Konafa Cheesecake

Konafa cheesecake with blueberries and hazelnuts: now that’s what we call creative! Now this is the perfect cadeau and an easy way to make you more likeable among your friends. Our tip: make sure you’re wearing sweatpants and an oversized shirt because they also have a delicious red velvet basousa and konafa with Malteasers.

Cake Cafe's Date and Apple Cake

Their fluffy cloud-like date and apple cake covered with a caramel duvet will cause a delicious explosion in your mouth. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

La Poire's  Konafa Shou Bala7

Photo courtesy of Hoda El-Sherif 

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so we'll let the photo do the talking and give you a minute to imagine taking the first bite of this perfectly-textured date konafa layered with whipped cream and fresh dates.

Coppermelt's Konafa & Cream with a mix of Mango, Nutella, Kamar Eldin

Chocoholics, this one is for you! This treat will probably be the only forgiven sin this month; with a Nutella and cream layer taking over this cute jarred dessert, you can eat your troubles away. However, if you’re up for trying something new, then try their luscious ammar eldin konafa. Yu-um!