Thursday September 28th, 2023
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7 Treats Everyone Craves in the Winter

This list of seven wintery treats will make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Staff Writer

As soon as winter hits us, we automatically grab our blankets and green tea or coffee; however aren't you growing tired of green tea? We know we are. Winter is all about creativity and variety - and y'know, fluffy sweaters and fireplaces. This is why we've decided to list all the treats we love having in winter that make our tummies - and by extensions, us - happy! Because yes, our joy is bound to our food. Also, for all you healthy peeps, most of these items are natural,'re welcome.


Winter is basically soup's time to shine - it waits all year for this. Whether it’s at home or in a restaurant, soup is the cure for a cold winter’s night. As soon as you take the first sip, you automatically feel your insides warming up. Whether it's tomato, chicken, or even mushroom soup, winter equals soup. 


Who doesn’t like stuff dipped in melted cheese? No one, that's who. Everything is better when it's coated in gooey cheese. Now of course, there's the sweet version of fondue where fresh fruits are dipped in molten chocolate. Ahh when it's cold and you dip that delicious slice of strawberry into the heavenly chocolate - it's sensational. Between cheese and chocolate, we honestly don't know which is better. It's like Sophie's Choice. One of the best spots in the city to hit up for killer fondue is The Fondue Pot - they have exactly what you need for all your fondue cravings; sweet or sour, they got it! You can dip bread, veggies, meat, and chicken into the gooey greatness that is their cheese. Plus they have Raclette so they're basically winners at life. Another great spot for fondue is The Smokery who only serve the treat in winter so catch it while you can. 

Hot Chocolate

Marshmallows and foam: Christmas everyday. In a cup. Oh the joy we get when we see the waiter carrying the tray with our hot chocolate and heading our way! That wasn't meant to rhyme. A bonus would be a little piece of cake sitting alongside the cup; it just makes our day that much better. Yummy yummy in our tummies! 


Nuts! Nuts! Nuts! Now that we’ve got you’re attention, for those who have not tried sa7lab yet, whats wrong with you? No, we’re joking, but you should really try it. Warm milk, vanilla, and coconuts are all you need to make you feel warm and fuzzy inside. Sometimes it gives us a homey feeling when our friends drag us out of bed to sit in some café. Moral of the story: sa7lab is always there for us when we need it the most. 

Arak (Raki) 

Arak is originally a homemade drink for men that’s prepared by Bedouins around Egypt and the Middle East. The drink resembles Ouzo and Turkish Raki, however, each country mixes/prepares it with different fruits such as dates and grapes. This will definitely keep you warm at night.

 Sweet Potato

The best thing about winter is the batata cart on every corner. This hot dessert is one of our favourites and we miss it when we spend our winters abroad. Our tip you ask?  If you can manage to make it at home, try it with marshmallows instead of the typical mix with honey and dare to be different! No, but seriously try it and thank us later.

Milk With Cinnamon 

Cinnamon and milk…yum, yum, and yu-um! The perfect combo with this drink is definitely banana bread (instead of the typical vanilla cake).

Chestnuts AKA Abou Farwa

We all love abou farwa - who doesn't? They make that fun popping sound and taste so yummy! What's winter without chestnuts, are we right? Our tip: be careful because they might fly all over the place and you might end up with an eye-patch looking like pirate.

Red Wine

Nothing will ever go wrong when you have a glass of wine in your hand! No but really, wine is chic, classy, and most importantly will keep you warm and red just pair perfectly with the winter months for some reason.

Happy wintering!