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Kcal Brings Healthy Fast Food Right to Your Doorstep

With their new Kcal Weekly programme, customising healthy meal plans and delivering them to your door every day at the exact time you specify, the healthy fast food joint is revolutionising dieting and eating well.

Staff Writer

Consuming healthy fast food was a farfetched ambition before Kcal broke into the Egyptian market with their “eat well, feel good,” products. Taste and quality come together to establish a balanced and non-restrictive diet without sacrificing any food ingredients. More of a lifestyle service than a fast food service, and outstandingly so, Kcal creates calorie-controlled dishes uses only the most essential ingredients, as close to their whole natural state as possible.

Energising carbs, complex proteins, healthy fats and essential vitamins and minerals all formulate the essence behind Kcal’s mission statement. That, along with their dependable programme, Kcal Weekly, which allows diet-enthusiasts and forgetful food consumers the chance to create a food package for a period from three to 14 days which, after finalising, comes to your door stop at its scheduled time, every day.

An exact calorie breakdown comes with every meal for consumers to keep count, along with a 10% off the first Kcal Weekly order. Happy days enjoying tasty burgers, wraps, grilled dishes and fresh salads without the burden of weight control or health risks! What better way to look after oneself and feel good about our food intake?



All day, everyday! Now, with Kcal Weekly, order all your meals in one go, for a period from 3 to 14 days, and don't have to worry about lunch time.

Posted by Kcal Healthy Fast Food - Egypt on Wednesday, 30 September 2015


Have a look at their website here, and check out their Facebook page here.