Sunday December 10th, 2023
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Lo2met 3eish Donates To Orphanages Behind The Scenes

Is there any face this doughnut shop can't paint a smile on?

Staff Writer

By now, you’re definitely familiar with the astounding bakery Lo2met 3eish and their delicious delectable ranging everywhere from paninis to custom doughnuts. As you also probably know by now, most food from high-end bakeries gets thrown away at night instead of being donated to a better cause to fight starvation.

Well a Facebook post which is going viral depicts a couple of kids standing outside a Lo2met 3eish establishment smiling and happy. But it’s the caption that made it so popular. It tells the story of how someone went their late at night as an employee was packing food in boxes. Upon asking why, was told that Lo2met 3eish donates the leftovers to an orphanage after operating hours.

We don’t know about you but we’ll be eating at Lo2met 3eish quite a bit more often now that we know there’s good behind the scenes.  Just knowing that they do that makes the food taste better, ya know?