Monday June 24th, 2024
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A Mogama'-Tahrir-Inspired Shawerma Joint Just Opened in Heliopolis

You won't wait forever at this Shawerma eatery though. Or maybe you will and it's part of the experience.

Staff Writer

A Mogama'-Tahrir-Inspired Shawerma Joint Just Opened in Heliopolis

Don't you sometimes just miss Mogama' Tahrir so much and feel like you should pass by and have lunch there? Yeah, neither do we. But apparently there's a new restaurant in Cairo that sought to recreate the magical experience that is visiting El Mogama' by creating a government-building-inspired restaurant. Did you have to read that twice?

The very recognisable formatting of government documents is how the menu and the bills look like at this new Heliopolis restaurant, called Manfaz Be3 Shawerna (Shawerma Outlet). "We wanted to create something that is distinctly Egyptian and we couldn't think of anything that is possibly more Egyptian than government building," Manfaz Be3 El Shawerma's owner Mahmoud Younes tells us. "Everything from how we style our logo to the menus, signs and even the expressions we use are based on the real-life experience of being in a government building - minus the unjustifiable delays of course," he adds.  

Take a look below:

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