Monday May 29th, 2023
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This New Restaurant in Heliopolis is All About Nachos, Buffalo Wings, and Sports

The world famous Buffalo Wings & Rings is set to open in Heliopolis this weekend.

Staff Writer

It's time to face the facts; if you're like us and you're into watching sports, then you know it's near impossible to find a proper place in the city to watch the game where a) your wife doesn't keep asking you to change the channel to watch Gossip Girl reruns or talk about her new haircut, b) the path to the TV is not blocked by a bunch of people playing beer pong, and c) the screen is so tiny or far away you need binoculars to even make out the shapes of the players. We know the struggle. Luckily, the dilemma seems to be coming to an end as Cairo's first sports restaurant Buffalo Wings & Rings changes the game once and for all.

Opening in Heliopolis this Friday, Buffalo Wings & Rings is going to be the hottest spot to watch the game and let's be honest, it beats the horribly uncomfortable chairs and questionable shawerma we've been stuffing our faces with while we watch every game at 3am Ali's ahwa
The ultra laid-back new restaurant is a family-friendly spot, where it's all about food and sports. You'll never have to ask them if they're screening the match. And there's beer, need we say more?

With an inviting dining room, humongous screens, and unique recipes, little can go wrong in the sports-fuelled Heliopolis buffalo wing haven. “Our goal is taking sports to the next level," CEO Haytham David tells us, "And our menu has more than just wings, with burgers, salads and out of this world sandwiches and wraps - it’s definitely a pretty expansive menu." 

Buffalo Wings & Rings is actually a U.S import; it was founded in Ohio in 1984 and since then the sports restaurant franchise has made a name for itself on the back of its killer wings and insane homemade sauces, with over 80 restaurants around the world. 

Anywhere that's got buffalo wings, beer, and a TV set that's always on the sports channel is pretty much where we'd like to exist for the rest of our mortal lives. And in case monster hangovers are not your thing, pop into the alcohol-free Buffalo Wings & Rings at Citystars.

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