Monday May 20th, 2024
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This New Restaurant is Every Cairo Carnivore's Dream Come True

It’s true – Egyptians love their meat and we’ve just discovered meat heaven. And it wasn't even open yet.

Staff Writer

This New Restaurant is Every Cairo Carnivore's Dream Come True

Sheikh Zayed is fast becoming one of the city's go-to places for amazing eats. It's almost like every time we blink a new, fabulous place pops up. Lucca is the newest one of them: a meat-centric restaurant in Guezira Plaza, Sheikh Zayed, offering a rare beef-high experience with a creative twist in flavour. The restaurant will still open this Thursday but we got an early glimpse of the experience.

You’ll sit at a table and watch the chef prepare your meal right in front of your eyes, putting an incredible performance. The show starts with flames blazing out of the griddle, as the chef places the meat like a pro right onto it. He tosses and catches the vegetables in the air providing real-time entertainment for your whole table.

“Our 4 main dishes, Lucca Special, Toma Hawck, Luccum, ‘Kafaas el Kharoof’ (which is 1.3kg) are all made right in front of customers. The Lucca special is my favorite, the fillet meat is cut into regular thin slices and cooked with lemon, butter and served with bread and Rocca,” said Mahmoud Yassin, owner of Lucca.

Lucca is not just a steak king, but it also offers meaty masterpiece burgers, that are exquisite in taste and tender in texture - big, bold and beautiful. The restaurant also specialises in dry-aged meat. We're not sure many others in Cairo even do that. 


“We have our own dry age fridge, imported from Turkey which stores the meat to a minimum of 21 days. We pay special attention to the quality of meat that we use, and it’s all local meat,” continued Yassin.

Apart from the standout dishes, Lucca also offers a fulfilling experience, with great service and fabulous atmosphere.

“We’re a steak house, but it’s not just about the steak, it’s about the taste, the experience, the live cooking show, the sharing. We empower sharing food, and customer satisfaction is our number one priority,” said Yassin enthusiastically.

Lucca’s menu is not for the faint—hearted, so make sure you go with an empty stomach and enjoy the full experience.