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This Designer Just Created A Men's Accessory Line and It's The Embodiment of Egyptian Luxury

Hisham Wali, the founder and designer behind HUWA, will be releasing his debut “Sandstorm” collection under the brand name.

Men in Egypt, and the wider Middle East, endlessly struggle to find formal wear that really stands out. Even harder is finding the right accessories to compliment formal attire. Just look at the gems Downtown Cairo produces.

The local market is unfortunately saturated with, at best, pretty standard trinkets to go with our suits. We're always left looking average attending weddings and going to work every day. That's why earlier this year, Hisham Wali decided it was about time to establish a high-end brand specifically catered to a sophisticated and refined clientele. HUWA was its name and it is the snazziest menswear label to hit the market yet.

The new fashion line consists of cufflinks, lapel pins, and tie clips, all handcrafted in Egypt by only the most exceptional artisans, using sterling silver, gold, and platinum-plated brass. To add the cherry on top, they’re all beautifully decorated with precious and semi-precious stones. Upon request, deluxe customers can even have any of the collection remade with solid gold.

Speaking to CairoScene, Wali elaborated on how HUWA came to be. "When I started my career in IT and engineering eight years ago, I used to have to wear a lot of suits all the time, every day, so at one point I decided I needed to find ways to step up my suit game so I don't get bored." It was at this point he began to experiment with several accessories including lapel pins, cufflinks, and handkerchiefs when he was starting to form his own style and identity. "That was the start of a passionate and long relationship I have with lapel pins unpredictably leading me to HUWA today."

Image source: Instagram/@HuwaDesign

Born in Kuwait and raised in Saudi Arabia, the influences of his upbringing can clearly be seen in his fresh yet timeless designs. They remain firmly rooted in the rich heritage of the Middle East’s cultural history. Some of the most iconic designs include a kaff, the Islamic crescent moon and star, and the evil eye.

Wali decided to establish HUWA because he felt there was a serious lack of luxury menswear in Egypt and the Middle East, with many people relying on their occasional trips abroad to find the perfect gift for themselves or even a friend. "It’s a niche but there is definitely a gap in the market for it in our region!" He exclaims.

Image source: Instagram/@HuwaDesign

HUWA’s debut line, the “Sandstorm” collection, will feature seventeen models of accessories for men to embellish their formal and stylish attire. They’re perfect for adding that little bit of charm and elegance that make all the difference to a well-tailored suit. Wearing these will certainly make any man stand out.

While the designer has no immediate concrete plans for the future, he hopes that some day HUWA will be able to expand abroad. "I definitely hope in a few years’ time HUWA finds its way outside the borders of Egypt, and eventually outside the region. Nothing is ever impossible in my dictionary unless you get bored and you give up, but I don’t believe in ‘no you can't’."

Wali hopes to be the inspiration for future male designers to break through into the Egyptian fashion world. He tells us "I hope that we can start seeing male Egyptian names in the regional and international market like we are seeing male designers from our neighbouring countries. Egyptian female designers have already beat us to it and hats off to them!".

Have a look at some of the pictures from the collection below and judge for yourself.

Visit Huwa’s official site to check out the rest of their collection.

You can still follow Wali’s new brand on Instagram at @HuwaDesign.