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A Cheat Sheet to Zamalek's Coolest Boutiques  

‘A man will never love you or treat you as well as a store’ is one thing we learned from the oh-so-insightful movie, Confessions of a Shopaholic.

“What a week! I deserve a new pair of shoes!” We’ve all said that a couple of times. More than a couple. Like four times a month. We just wish health insurance covered retail therapy because a pair of new shoes is literally the cure to everything in life. Sometimes, you can even replace your own friends with shopping bags. Shopping on foot around the charming just neighbourhood of Zamalek quadruples the therapeutic effects of spending.

We rounded up 7 of our guiltiest shopping pleasures around Zamalek:

1Vintage Boutique

Everything about this store reminds us of Brandy Melville, from the sign outside to the bleached wood and rose and cream colours inside.  The store itself looks Instagram filtered. From faded denim to crop tops and cool jumpers, you can literally walk into this boutique and change your entire wardrobe.

Address: 6 El Gezira El Wosta Street, Zamalek
Telephone: 01284643013
Check out their Instagram account at @vintageboutique 

2. Mounaya Gallery

Buying presents can be notoriously difficult, but step into Mounaya and you’ll find tons of options, from dazzling jewellery to hand embroidered bags. We also love their housewarming candles and photo frames. We're in love with the Sadafa bag and Reem Jano cuff pictured above. 

Address: 14 Kamal Al Tawil, Mohammed Mazhar Street, Zamalek
Telephone: 0100 888 2686 
Check out their Instagram account at @mounayagallery 

3. Ghazl El Banat

This little, contemporary boutique doesn’t follow any trend – they’re setting trends themselves. Clothes, bags, accessories, shoes, whatever you’re looking for you’ll find there. With cute brands like For Love and Lemons, and Free People, you’ll be surprised at how much style you’ll find in this tiny place. 

True story: I hunted high and low for half boots last winter, and all that time they were under my nose in Ghazl El Banat. I loved them so much, I bought a black pair and went the next day and bought a brown pair. 

Address: Degla Shopping Center, 2nd floor. 11 Hassan Sabry Street, Zamalek.
Telephone: 0111 530 1926

Check out their Instagram account at @ghazlbanat

4. ABn'GWhat draws us the most to this boutique is that none of its pieces try too hard. With furniture, home accessories, paintings, and artistic clothing collected from around the world, the products easily fit under a theme of ‘travel’ which has always been founder Nahla Boushra's aspiration. She told us she collects most of her products from Bali and Morocco, but also from around Egypt from places such as Arish and Fayoum. In ABnG, you'll find a ton of local brands like Fufa, Chairs & Co, Upfuse, Opio, and Tomboka. Also you don’t have to stress about destroying your budget – you can buy a keychain for 10 EGP or a painting for over 100,000 EGP.

Address: 14 Ismail Mohamed Street, Zamalek
Telephone: 02 27359571
Check out their Instagram account at @abngworld

5. Boutique 51If you feel like investing in designer items then this is your place to go. Offering more than 100 different brands, including Camilla, Dassios, and Afroditi Hera, Boutique 51 has been in the game since 2011. They’ve exposed the idea that ‘you can’t buy happiness’ as a myth because buying that designer bag you’ve had your eye on for ages is the epitome of happiness. Besides, what’s a visa bill really more than a few numbers! 

Address: 35 B Abou elFeda Street, Zamalek
Telephone: 0112 242 4876
Check out their Instagram account at @bou51que

6. AgroDolce

Celebrities aren’t the only people who have fashion stylists to glam them up. With stylists who can help you with everything from little fashion advice to a whole new wardrobe, AgroDolce will help you look and feel your best. AgroDolce brings our favourite American brands like Abercrombie and Fitch, Hollister, Marc Jacobs, and Nasty Gal to Egypt. Their products may be pricey, but worth it.  

Address: 21 Ahmed Heshmat Street, Zamalek
Telephone: +201006003220
Check out their Instagram account at @agrodolcestore 

7. Asfour El Nil

We often suffer from boring, colourless stores, but this cute boutique is far from that. This boutique just produces happy endorphins. We’re obsessed with their vibrant patchwork pillow and mosaic framed mirrors! They also have amazing Celine Dawood clutches and other home decor brands like Lala Cushions, Shakasta HoMe and Recorations Home Accessories. 

Address: 23A Ismail Mohamed Street, Zamalek 
Telephone: 0109 555 7754
Check out their Instagram account at @asfourelnil